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Where You Can Donate To Really Make A Difference.

Donating can feel challenging. How do you know if the money that you are donating will go straight towards a meaningful cause?

Luckily for you, we have taken the hard work out of finding reputable charities that are fighting climate change and other important environmental issues. Here is a list of the best environmental and social charities that you can donate to today where your money will really make an impact. This list will be frequently updated with the most pressing causes that need immediate attention, so you can help lead the change.

(psst, click the images to go to the charities webpage! You're welcome)

1. Greenpeace

Greenpeace is an NGO (Non-governmental organisation), that has been around since 1971. Their manifesto being “ensure the ability of the earth to nurture life in all its diversity”. Greenpeace is known for its direct actions and has been described as one of the most visible environmental organisations in the world and has successfully raised environmental issues to the public with huge influence over the public and private sector.

Their causes are easy to navigate, and you can easily donate to the cause you are passionate about. This is a true environmental activist NGO.

2. Eden Reforestation projects

Eden reforestation projects is a non-profit which works in developing countries to rebuild natural landscapes destroyed by deforestation. They work directly with the affected villages and communities that are in poverty resulting from the deforestation and exploitation of the land that they rely on to be able to live. They have successfully adopted afforestation and are said to plant approximately 15 million additional trees per month, in 2020 the non-profit planted an incredible 423 million trees planted.

Why not donate and help them break afforestation records and rebuild the livelihood of the communities affected by deforestation? The Eden reforestation Project is definitely a non-profit to keep your eyes on.

3. EarthJustice

Earth Justice is a non-profit public interest organisation dedicated to litigating environmental issues “because the Earth needs a good lawyer”. All the funding for this non-profit comes from donations, here’s a few reasons why you should donate:

They have been a vital aspect of environmental cases in the US and have won a series of large cases such as Sierra Club v. Morton which forced Walt Disney Corporation to drop its plans of building a mammoth ski resort in Mineral king valley which is incorporated into a national park. They have also helped communities affected by the top-down hierarchy system of large polluting companies.

4. One Percent for the Planet

One percent for the Planet is an international organisation that operates in a unique way. Businesses that have Membership in the organisation contribute at least one percent of their annual sales to environmental causes.

The non-profit aims to “build, support and activate an alliance of businesses financially committed to creating a healthy planet". However, you do not need to be a business to donate or to become a member, the same theory applies to individuals: you commit 1% of your annual salary to environmental non-profits through monetary means or even volunteering!

5. Cultural survival

Cultural survival is dedicated to defending the human rights of indigenous people. Based in Massachusetts, the NGO has worked with Indigenous communities in Asia, Africa, South America, North America, and Australia, becoming the leading US-based organisation defending the rights of Indigenous Peoples around the world.

6. Rainforest Action Network

The Rainforest Action Network is an environmental organisation that protects the forests and challenges corporate power; they have led transformative campaigns that have successfully changed policy across many industries such as home building, wood purchasing and supplying, automobile, fashion, and banking industries.

One of their most prominent cases was the Burger King beef contracts.

7. Liberty (National Council for Civil Liberties)

Liberty is a social justice organisation and the one thing that stands about this organisation is that they are not afraid to challenge authority. In fact, one of their first protests was against the BBC who put a ban on artists who attended a 'People's Convention' because it was organised by the Communist Party. On their website, you can donate, sign petitions and if you are in need of advice, they have a variety of facilities to help.

They provide up to date information on human rights cases and offer insightful thought and ways to help the causes, even without digging into the bank balance.

8. Coalition of Immokalee Workers

The Coalition of Immokalee Workers is a worker-based human rights organisation that is well known for its work in social responsibility and human trafficking. Currently, you can donate to sustaining fair trade food through the protection of farmers' human rights or you can donate to their general human rights protection by purchasing their merch.

The organisation has uncovered, investigated, and assisted in the prosecution of numerous slavery operations in the U.S., helping liberate over 1,200 workers held against their will since the early 1990s. This is an extremely inspiring organisation that is helping liberate those who are living in repressed conditions.

9. Girls Not Brides

This non-governmental organisation advocates for ending child marriage throughout the world. They are partnered with over 1500 civil society organisations from over 100 countries committed to ending child marriage and enabling girls to fulfill their potential. Their website allows you to donate directly to centers supporting girls, communities, and educational sessions on the subject.

10. People & Planet

People & Planet is a student network based in Britain campaigning on global poverty, human rights, and the environment. Notably, the network secured £62 billion in debt cancellation for the world's poor as a part of the 2000 Jubilee campaign.

You can donate through their website to help support national campaigns, 'brandalism', and supporting local groups in the tech industry.

Thank you for reading!

Do you know any organisations or charities that deserve to be acknowledged? Tell us about them!


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