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#GoodNewsMonday – Wind power takes over gas in UK electricity generation

For the first time, wind power has generated more electricity than gas in the UK in the first quarter of 2023, a report by Imperial College, commissioned by British power generator Drax, showed.


32.4% of Britain’s electricity were provided by wind whereas 31.7% were provided by gas.

In total, renewable energy (wind, solar, biomass, and hydropower) generated 42% of Britain’s electricity while 33% came from fossil fuels such as coal and gas and the remaining part coming from nuclear energy and imports.


Lead author of the quarterly Drax Electric Insights report Dr Iain Staffell of Imperial College London commented:


“The renewable power revolution has transformed how Britain gets its electricity, making our power grid cleaner and greener. In the space of a decade the UK has almost completely cut out coal, after relying on the most polluting fossil fuel for over a century to power our country. There are still many hurdles to reaching a completely fossil fuel-free grid, but wind out supplying gas for the first time is a genuine milestone event and shows what can be achieved when governments create a good environment for investors in clean technology.”


Let’s work towards continuing this trend and phasing out fossil fuels as soon as possible!


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