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Navodi Kuruppu


Hi there! I'm Navodi, a MSc student of Sustainable Development at the University of St Andrews. My journey in academia began with Arabic and International Relations at University of Westminster in London, where I developed a keen interest in global issues like warfare, human rights violations, and, of course, climate change.

As I dove deeper into the field, I started writing for different enterprises, gaining valuable experience and knowledge.


During my master's program, I started focusing on the energy sector and fuel poverty, particularly in the UK. My goal is to raise people's awareness on global issues, such as climate change, and their impact on people from diverse backgrounds around the world. I'm also passionate about sharing new strategies and sustainable practices and  advocating for policy change.

I believe that through my writing at Ecoweeb I can help address and inform readers about environmental injustices and to promote solutions to address climate change in a meaningful and sustainable way.

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