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Catalysts of Change: No Impunity's Legal Frontier

No Impunity - Event on September 25, 2023 - Navodi Kuruppu

On September 25th, the Ecoweeb team had the privilege of attending the launch event of No Impunity at the UCL Innovation & Enterprise Centre in London.

No Impunity is an impact litigation crowdfunding startup that connects impact investors and litigants. They fundraise on behalf of victims of social and environmental damages who often face severe financial obstacles to secure legal representation. Many individuals in need of representation lack funds to build their claims. While some impact investment firms may require a high minimum investment, at No Impunity, you can invest a minimum of £40 by purchasing a token that allows you to track the progress of the litigation process from your account.

The money is then used for researching, building the claim, and overall supporting the community in question. No Impunity's priority is to allocate as much funding as possible to support the community. Moreover, investors not only contribute to an important cause but also stand to gain returns if the litigation is successful. Most of these cases occur in areas or countries rich in resources but with poorly structured legal systems, typically found in the developing or underdeveloped world, such as in South America, South Asia, and Central Africa. Presently, No Impunity is working on a case in the central region of the Amazon in Coari. Here, the installation of gas pipelines by ENGIE and Transpetro has resulted in significant water contamination, community displacement, and considerable health risks.

No Impunity - Justice for Brazilian Communities: Holding ENGIE and Transpetro Accountable

We had the opportunity to speak with Margherita Servente, their Marketing and Communications Manager. When asked about the key challenges victims face when seeking legal representation, she stated, "Sadly, the main challenge is the lack of funding. The affected communities usually come from underdeveloped areas or countries. The community in Coari, with whom we are working, lacks the financial resources to gather evidence, employ researchers and scientists to test the ground, and prove an oil spillage. Companies responsible for these damages are often well-prepared for legal repercussions, with strong legal teams and litigation funding. Even if communities manage to gather sufficient evidence, the lawsuit is often dismissed. The solution is to channel funds towards these causes. Additionally, there is also another issue, a lack of legal knowledge on the communities' side, and a dearth of media coverage for these cases."

Ecoweeb steps onto the scene at this critical point, playing a vital role in supporting organizations like No Impunity through media coverage. Both Ecoweeb and No Impunity share a common mission: achieving justice on both the social and environmental fronts. However, as No Impunity rightly points out, the pursuit of justice can be a costly and complex task. Hence, it is fundamental for like-minded organizations with shared missions and values to come together and collaborate. This leads to the creation of a resilient network of individuals and entities, even when they come from different sectors, whether it be a news outlet like Ecoweeb or a litigation firm like No Impunity.

One of our primary objectives is to empower our readers with the knowledge and tools necessary to make a positive impact. This empowerment extends beyond personal lifestyle changes and encompasses the mission of spotlighting promising small startups that have the potential to create real-world change.

To join No Impunity, fund a case, or learn more about the firm, visit No Impunity's website.

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