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#GoodNewsMonday! - EU Agrees on first ever law that tackles methane leakage.

Methane is an extremely potent greenhouse gas; its heating power is 80 times that of CO2 over a 20-year lifespan, but it lasts less time in the atmosphere. It is therefore critical news that the EU has agreed to a law requiring firms to contribute to lowering methane emissions through reporting, finding and fixing leaks, and limiting wasteful venting and flaring.

By 2030, the EU will set "maximum methane intensity values" on oil imports, a date criticised for being too late for such limits. Since the COP 26 climate summit two years ago, methane has received more attention, as it used to be less discussed than CO2 despite its dangerous heating power. The EU then joined a pledge to reduce global methane emissions by 30% by 2030. The final approval is set to be given by the European Parliament and the EU countries later this year, which is normally a formality to adopt pre-signed deals.

Good news researched by Franca Hoffmann



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